Name: 박신혜 / Park Shin Hye (Bak Sin Hye)

Date of Birth: 1990-Feb-18

Birthplace: Paju, South Korea

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Blood type: A

Height: 163 cm (5′ 4″) Weight: 45 kg (99lbs)

Profession: Actress, mode, dancing and singer

Education: Seoul Young-Pa Girls’ Middle/High School

Hobby: Listening to music

Debut: Lee Seung Hwan’s music video “Got – flower” in 2003


Fakta menarik


Nama panggilan : Randy-Shinhye (Randy Johnson Shin Hye) – dia mendapatkan nama panggilan itu karena dia sebagai pembuka pertandingan bisbol. Pose nya begitu sempurna seperti Randy Johnson (MLB player terkenal).


Favorit Baseball Team: Kia Tigers (tim baseball yang mewakili kota kelahirannya).


  • SBS: Stairway to Heaven (2003)
  • SBS: Boom (2004)
  • SBS: Not Alone (2004)
  • SBS: Cute or Crazy (2005)
  • KBS: Sky Dance (2005)
  • KBS: Seoul 1945 (2006)
  • SBS: Tree of Heaven (2006)
  • SBS: Loving Sue (2006)
  • SBS: Bicheonmu (2006)
  • MBC: Goong S (2007)
  • MBC: Kimcheed Radish Cubes (2007)
  • SBS: You’re Beautiful (2009)
  • MBC: High Kick! (2010)


  • Love Phobia (2006)
  • Evil Twin (2007)
  • Cyrano Agency (2010)

Video Klip

  • Sarang Ha Na Yo – Do You Love oleh Lee Seung Hwan
  • Ggot – Flower oleh Lee Seung Hwan
  • Pyun Ji – Letter oleh Kim Jong Kook
  • Call Me oleh Taegoon
  • Super Star oleh Taegoon


  • 2009 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award (You’re Beautiful)
  • 2003 SBS Drama Awards: Child Actress Award (Stairway to Heaven)



Acting career

Park’s fame came when she played the younger version of the character Han Jung-suh in the popular Korean drama, Stairway to Heaven. She also starred in a drama series called Tree of Heaven which aired on SBS, starring her former co-star in Stairway to Heaven, Lee Wan. The show had decent ratings, and the reviews and criticism were mixed, but mostly positive. Many critics keyed on in her portrayal of the character Hana’s pain of loving her step brother Yoon-suh Lee Wan as brilliantly done. It should also be noted that due to the age difference between her and Wan, romantic scenes such as kissing on the lips could not occur, as seen in the scenes in the show, where had it been an older actress, such scenes may have occurred. Tree of Heaven started with borderline mediocre ratings, as do many new Korean dramas do, but went on to finish very respectably, and gained a fan base in Korea, which further helped Park’s credibility and young career in acting. Since then, Park has done many commercials (CF) and modeled for a number of Asian companies.


Through her roles and their requirements, Park has displayed an instinctive talent for dancing and martial arts. She has also released a digital single, “Prayer”, a song she used to sing in the drama Tree of Heaven, however, the track was not released in the Official OST.[edit] Current activities


Park recently made her big screen debut in the movie Evil Twin, a summer horror flick where she had 2 roles; One is of the main character, the other is of the ghost of the main character’s sister, who haunts the other sister after her death. Park was extremely happy to act in this movie, because she had always wanted to act in a period setting drama or movie.


Park starred as one of the four main characters in Goong S, a spin off (not the sequel) to the wildly successful Goong. The series did not match the success of its original, and received borderline ratings. However, the drama was the most re-watched and replayed series in the first half of 2007, gaining fame after the first run. Park later gained more popularity through idol drama series You’re Beautiful. [2][edit] Filmography[edit] TV drama