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2010 Yahoo! Asia BUZZ AWARDS Final Result Announcement

Actor No.1: Jang Keun Suk (4,361,519 valid votes)

Actress No.1: Moon Geun Young (45,240 valid votes)

Asia Pacific No.1: Jang Keun Suk (7,939,813 valid votes)


Thank you all for your supports and active participation in Yahoo! Asia BUZZ AWARDS. After the termination of the vote, we checked the survey results about the amount of the Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong IPs and IDs, and found out some non-normal voting IPs.


For a fair voting result, the votes from the non-normal voting IPs of various countries became invalid. We only retained the valid votes. That comes to the current final result we’ve announced.


Yahoo! Asia BUZZ AWARD guides the popular culture, in the meanwhile, we’re doing our best to hold the widely known activities for Korean stars awards in Asia. We gathered statistics of the detailed results of valid votes in the period from Nov 8 to Nov 30. 2010 BUZZ AWARDS offline ceremony with all the awards including these 3 groups will be held on Dec 17 in Hong Kong.